Multi Dwelling Units Installation (MUDs)

This is a system where one satellite dish is being used for a number of units which is either done on a one cable system or a two cable system but multi choice recommends 4-5 cables per unit to enable all quadrants which is horizontal low, vertical low, horizontal high, vertical high and terrestrial to be available in each unit.

Multi – Unit Dwellings • A Multi – Dwelling unit (MUD) is typically a building housing two or more dwelling units like apartments, condominiums, townhouses and attached residences. • For conflict free – viewing – The user has to connect ONE LNB cable to each tuner/ decoder to allow each “tuner” to select any quadrant without affecting other “tuners”. That means that each decoder/ tuner must be connected as a “Master”. In a MUD environment there are multiple decoders/ tuners each requiring a cable from the multi-switch. Each multi-switch has to carry the 4 – quadrants as its inputs, with as many outputs as required by each tuner / master. The result is “ lots of cables” SMATV • A Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) system is a system which is intended for the distribution of television and sound signals to households located in one or more adjacent buildings sharing the same resources among several users for satellite and terrestrial reception. • There are many distribution solutions available to Trans-modulate the satellite signal (QPSK/ 8PSK) to specific end user needs: S-band, IF Coaxial, IF Fiber Optical, SatCR/CSS/Unicable/ QAM (DTT-T or T2) and IP (Ethernet). • In order to use our DStv Satellite decoders, the installer has to ensure that “all” users are able to use the signal, which must SAT- IF or SAT- CR. The Explora/Dstv Multi – switch can convert a SAT – IF signal to SAT- CR but not the converse. Why 4- cables for DStv from August? • DStv on IS20 satellite currently uses two quadrants of the LNB ( so called Low Frequency band) and will have to expand its capacity to a co-located satellite, which has capacity on the high frequency band and therefore require installations that can cater all 4 quadrants from the LNB . The maximum number of DStv transponders can grow to is 132 (4×33). • Some MUD installations only caters for the two quadrants by way of transposing the horizontal transponders to vertical and therefore limiting the incoming satellite frequencies to a single quadrant. One transpose modulator is required for every satellite frequency that has to be shifted at additional cost to the home owners. The maximum number of channels available to users on single cable network is 33- which means 33 transponders. • Most Multi – Switchers/ splitters only caters for the two quadrants (VL & HL) which means that they will not be able to switch to High Band Channels. • A 4-Quadrant Multi-Switch requires 4 independent satellite inputs from LNB, which means users that are using multi-switchers to split signals to multiple tuners also have to replace their Twin LNB for a Quad or Quattro LNB.


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